Why is It Not Bad to Have a Negative Mindset?

We know that 10 is less than 20. We also know that 0 (Zero) is less than 10. But is there a number which is less than 0?
If you are a student of science or mathematics, you would quickly say that any negative number (like -1 or -10) is less than 0. We are used to hear prefixing of ‘minus’ or ‘negative’ before a number to represent something which is less than even ‘zero’—while zero actually means nothing.
But how can anything be less than nothing?
Let us understand that a negative number is just a mathematical hypothesis, which does not exist in the real world.

• Can you have (-) 10 students in a class or a negative population of a country?
• Can the age of a child be negative?
• Can the height of a place be negative?

The real world has no negative but only positive. Yet anything can be made negative by comparing it to something greater just like any line can be made smaller but drawing a bigger line next to it. Even when we use terms like sub-zero (minus) temperature, it is only a matter of convention. What we call Zero degree centigrade is actually (+) 273 degree Kelvin. Every student of physics knows that negative Kelvin temperature is impossible.
Why is It Not Bad to Have a Negative Mindset?
How we create artificial negativity can be understood by the example of the Coordinate Geometry. We define the right side and the upside as positive, which makes the opposite as negative. You could have done the other way round also reversing the concept of positive and negative.
You may be wondering why I am talking about negativity of physics and mathematics on my blog.
It is because; we tend to associate the knowledge of one field automatically in another field. We have borrowed the concepts of mathematics and science in psychology also. We have developed what we call ‘negative feelings’ which is supposed to be opposite to the ‘positive feelings’. We are advised to shun the negative feelings or negative attitude of life to life a positive life. “Be positive” seems the mantra for all successes, joy and happiness because everything positive is good and everything negative is bad.
We are quite familiar with many negative terms like hatred, depression or injustice; whose positive terms may be love, happiness or justice.
Why is It Not Bad to Have a Negative Mindset?
I, however, find that the so called negative terms are not negative of anything but different realities (like man and woman) which complement each other. You can’t have one without other either individually or jointly.

For example, your hatred and love are not opposite and it is not always bad to hate. It is not wrong to hate injustice, brutality, crime, dishonesty and the people who often indulged in such activity. If you are don't have hatred for them, then perhaps you are too insensitive and in all likelihood you also don’t have the passion to love. Hence hatred per-se is not bad as it can teach us ‘what is not to be done’ just as love often teaches us ‘what is to be done’. These two emotions are like red and green signals of the traffic light to ensure smooth flow of traffic on busy crossings.
I believe that there is nothing negative in this world and God/Nature has created everything for a purpose which is positive. It is our limitation that we don’t understand the design of the world and hence prefer one to another—calling one as positive and other as negative.